Sunday, October 30, 2005

'Tis The Season Where Men Dress Like Kanye and Women Hardly Anything

So, I tried to pull Kanye off for the Halloween party at Crothers Hall last night. I think I did pretty good job it, honestly. I even had a baldcap on and everything. But, I still think it was too confusing a character. I got that question a few too many times. You know the one that I'm talking about...

"So, who are you tonight?"

That all changes tomorrow. On Monday, October 31st, I plan on bringing William Wallace, of Braveheart fame, to Stanford Law School. I am talking full tilt: kilt, sword, jacket, boots, and blue war paint. It's not that I'm desperate for attention. I think it would be right in line with my mission statement (footnote 1) and, in general, worth a whole lot of laughs.

Though a very sexy Carmen Sandiego won the contest for 'best costume' last night, I think my friend had her beat. Not the tallest of gents, he stuffed himself into a bumblebee costume tailored for the dimensions of your average 8 year old. He looked hilarious - especially with the stinger coming straight from his back, the black tights, the wide frame aviator glasses, all while double fisting beers. He looked like a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong - like a cross between John Belushi from Animal House and some gender ambiguous character from Sesame Street. He said he'd wear it again on Monday for a cash sum of $150. Taking donations...

A huge amount of women last night decided to go with the tried and tested route of costume selection. If you're a woman and still searching for a costume idea, here's a failsafe plan of action: 1) Think of a job. 2) Dress like you are that worker. 3) Here's the key twist: do it like you have to go pole dance after work. Halloween is really just an excuse for women, pressured into norms for 364 days a year, to dress as scantily as possible. It must be very cathartic experience. Props to my girl who came as "Class" last night - with white gloves, pearls, and heels. It's not that I'm against a culture of skimpy clothing. That's one of the overarching benefits of going to school in California. But as one 1L put it, when did it become "Whore-o-Ween?"

Footnote 1: SLS1L promises that he will do his part to combat a general 1L culture of stress, work, and pressure.


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