Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Undergrads Lurk Within...

There has been a growing trend here at Stanford law -the spectre of undergrads haunting these halls. Or, to be more specific, the library. Now, I have no problem with undergrads milling about. Hell, I was one six months ago. But, I think I'm in the minority on both accounts. The number of my classmates frustrated with undergrads grows by the day - and the gripes often run something like this:

"They talk too loudly in the library!"
"They're headhunting for husbands!"
"They're taking up space at the tables and computers to read their coloring books and put on make up!"

If they want to come and look for future breadwinners, that's fine by me. I think it's funny that women at a school like Stanford still may be concerned with these gender based sociological concerns. But, as one female 2L put it, "The men in law school are like spots in the A lot. The good ones are taken and the free ones will get you crapped on by the eucalyptus trees."


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