Thursday, November 10, 2005

Coming Soon To Theaters: Legal Research and Writing!

The administration requires that first year law students take a year long class titled "Legal Research and Writing." Graded on a pass/fail basis and worth only half the credit of a substantive course, it's safe to say that it's lightly regarded, even among a collection of over achievers. Today, "lightly regarded" took on a whole new level. At this very moment, in these hallowed halls, I'm watching a clip of Reese Witherspoon's Legally Blonde. Incredible. I really don't know what to make of this. Today's session was pedagogically intended to teach us the tenets of client counseling. Clips from Erin Brockovich, A Civil Action, and Philadelphia were also prominently featured. Educational or not, probably not, moments of levity in law school need to be appreciated as they come. It's kind of ridiculous the things that have started to pass for humor. See yesterday's post, for example.

The class was completely caught off guard by the screening, as well. Too bad 1L Thug Life left class early -- and boldly at that. 1L Track Star gave him a gold star for it in the following section wide e-mail:

***Whether you find it ballzy or rude. The award of the day goes to 1L Thug Life for doing what everyone thought about doing, which is not being in LRW. Although, I think that I would have decided to not be in class before leaving, rather than walking out when Grace's back was turned.***

But, regardless, the transition between detailed powerpoint slides to Hollywood's latest was so damn seamless, I can't say I blame him. Or, maybe I'm off base in my shock and awe that Legally Blonde may actually hold educational weight.


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