Monday, November 21, 2005

Go Ahead Caller...

In an attempt to be reader friendly, this entire post will cater to the needs and views expressed in yesterday's comments...

Today's Guidelines

1. "Stop using such big words."
2. "keep doing what you doing."
3. "you used to be a boyfriend 3,000 miles away from the girl that he loved, but now you're just 3,000 miles away from the girl? that's harsh, perhaps a blog entry on what happened there is needed."
4. "Keep blogging."

Proceeding under the assumption that #2 and #4 don't substantively change anything, here is the simplest way (#1) I can explain why I changed the template the other day (#3): I thought it sounded too sappy. I also didn't really think that it was a detail anybody would notice, but I can definitely understand the confusion in anyone who did. Taking "love" out of the template description doesn't reflect a change in the way I feel about her. In fact, I think the uber (#1?) sentimental lyrics of John Mayer really still capture my emotions for the girl. I find myself smiling when I think about her and laughing out loud when I flashback to something funny we shared. Hell, I went kosher for her for no apparent reason.

Well, that's not entirely true. When she was out here for a couple days last month, I finally realized that it was more than a diet. It's almost a lifestyle. So, though she never asked me to, I thought I'd go kosher for her. I can't say that I believe in anything the Jewish faith has to offer (other than the same generic moral norms that all religions share). I'm not a practicing anything. This diet bears no religious significance to me. That probably doesn't make any sense. But, it did to me then and it still does for me now. I want to show her just how much I care about her. She thinks I'm crazy. But, if giving up shrimp and eating out at Peter Luger's Steakhouse convinces her in the smallest way that I'm serious about wanting her to move out to California, then it is an easy gesture for me to make.


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous rachel said...

did you kasher your kitchen? because otherwise you're really just half-assing it

p.s. your blog is my favorite thing to read in torts
p.p.s. if you did kasher your kitchen i think a full description of that exciting day replete with details on each appliance would make a GREAT blog entry

At 5:30 PM, Blogger SLS2L(@YLS) said...

that's funny, because writing my blog entry is my favorite thing to do in torts.

kosher is a struggle. now that i've gone ahead and thrown that out there, i'll drop a note on how it's going now and again.

and, no, to answer your question.


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