Saturday, November 26, 2005

McSorley's Mayhem

I was a little concerned last night that the $60 sushi dinner would cramp on my drinking capacity.

But, then, I realized that there was no reason to worry. The choice was made for me. You don't have the option to drink within reason at McSorley's. It's drink or be gone.

I had been looking forward to last night's action for a while. So, it's a little weird to look back in blurred recollection at a night that had great anticipation. But, here's a partial scorecard from a solid night.

5 Things that I know happened:
1) I thought taking one of the solid glass mugs as a keepsake was a rational enterprise.
2) Throwing liverwurst at Villanova's face seemed like the right thing to do given the circumstances.
3) Bartender Tommy suggested himself that we take a picture (must figure out how to upload cellphone shots).
4) Getting told that "you guys are class and the lot should be like you" felt like a marriage proposal.
5) Having to close one tab and start another became necessary after Tommy realized we had racked up hundreds in bar bills.

5 Things that I am confused about:
1) Why I told Bear Stearns traders that I was an equity broker at J.P. Morgan.
2) How I could have spent a hundred bucks on light ale, dark ale, tips, and bar grub.
3) Why the bartender at the place around the corner was personally offended that I asked for a round in my "own" mug.
4) Why that table in the corner sent two rounds over for our table.
5) How I manage to refrain from drunk dialing (though, I did send out the obligatory random texts).

Carved in oak above the swinging doors that serve as both entrance and exit is a sign that reads "Be Good or Be Gone." It's been good to be home. But, now it's time to be gone. Home has left me wanting more. I guess that's the way I'd hope things to be. I'm taking off for San Francisco at the tremendously convenient time of 7:50 a.m. tomorrow morning.


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