Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Now Boarding...

I feel like a freshman in college again. I'm actually excited to be heading back to the vast cultural wasteland of Long Island. In the past, it's only been because of the people that I would look forward to breaks. That draw hasn't changed at all. But, having been so far removed from the nuances of New York and East coast living, I'm hyped to catch a breather in Ithaca before returning to the Trojan War.

Yes, the Hamptons are nice. It's also true that there are pockets of natural beauty. But, for the most part, Long Island is a textbook example of the suburban sprawl that happens when urban flight, big business, and cheap loans combine. It's a magical land with strip malls, diners, and housing developments as far as the eye can see. It's a wonderful place to live if you like being outnumbered by chinese restaurants and synagogues. I enjoyed growing up there but, by the time high school rolled around, I realized that I need the constant sensory stimulation that only a city provides. I guess this was the seed from which my New York obsession has grown.

So, I am booked on a 1:30 pm flight out of San Francisco bound for JFK. Assuming that the plane takes off on schedule, I will be on Brooklyn soil around 10 p.m. local. Unfortunately, that's really all conditional if I actually make my flight. I was left with the choice between leaving myself two hours between the end of my morning class and take-off or connecting through Atlanta on a later departure. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge. All it really means is that I need to hit no traffic, find an amazing parking spot, perfectly time the shuttle to the terminal, check-in without waiting on line, and find my gate while buying something to eat and read for the plane. Piece of cake...

Anyway, good luck to everyone traveling today.


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