Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stanford High School

I was recently asked by Brown Junior, a law school hopeful, how I would describe life as a 1L at Stanford.

I took a minute to think over how to best sum things.

"Remember what High School was like?"

I'm sure the experience varies from program to program.

But, things look a lot more like Saved By the Bell than you could possibly imagine.

This really isn't a new revelation on my part. Or, even something that few have noticed. But, it does seem as the class gels, that a small community grows even smaller. Apply fishbowl cliche here.

Things took a serious turn towards Bayside High today. I found myself selling tickets today in class to Saturday's semi-formal. I kid you not. (Wasn't there an episode in which Zack Morris siphoned proceeds from a car wash to pay for his trip to Hawaii? For shame, "Preppy." Always up to no good.)

The similarities don't end there. Here are a few that stick out...

*At Stanford, we each have our own locker on the bottom floor. Unfortunately, the lockers that Screech would fit into aren't bestowed until next year.

*There is a cafe(teria) in the law lounge. People wait on a single file line for the same weekly rotating meal selection. The half-pint carton of milk costs extra, though.

*Knowing all your classmates and professors, impossible in College, is inevitable here. Given the take-no-prisoners Socratic method, I'd rather skip class if I didn't get to all the reading than show up unprepared.

*Classes are largely proscribed, again. "A major? What's that? Law, I guess."

*Club and extracurricular activities reek of resume building. Does anybody edit for a journal because they enjoy cite-checking a hundred sources? Or, think that the Senior Class President will ever really win better food in the vending machines or expanded parking space for students?

All that aside, I kid because I love. I'd much rather spend three years here than at some lawyer factory.


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous KB said...

As a 3L at a midwest mid-level law school, I can safely say the "high school" feeling never goes away - in fact, I find it almost gets worse when cliques start forming, students start to date (or just have sex), when bar crawls start getting planned and when t-shirts are made for each respective section.
But, hey - why not enjoy it!


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