Monday, November 28, 2005

Start Your Engines

The race towards summer employment for first year law students begins on Thursday.

On December 1, the ABA will first permit the most neurotic among us to send cover letters and resumes out to potential employers. I won't be sending anything out for a long time. Yeah, I might even wait until next week. I think that makes me somewhat of a rebel around these parts.

It does help that the two factors shaping my search for a summer position, criminal prosecution & New York City, have narrowed my desired employment to three offices (i.e, Manhattan DA, USAO in SDNY, USAO in EDNY). We'll see what happens. I'd be happy to expand the scope of practice area. But, living in NYC is a deal breaker. Unless, for some reason, Chief Justice Roberts needs my wealth of experience and sagelike advice to entertain him over the summer break.

I hate writing cover letters, though. What a shallow exercise of formality. But, reading them must be just as painful. Can you imagine sorting through dozens of paragraphs written by obsequious students that "would love to be challenged with a position in such an exciting organization."

There are worse distractions from collateral estoppel reading, though. I certainly don't mind thinking about summer in November.


At 12:52 AM, Anonymous MattyBob said...

Eh, Jonny. Sorry I missed you on the east coast. Might I add the Brooklyn DA? And for the more adventurous, the Bronx DA, conveniently located at the Yankee Stadium subway stop. And of course there's always the court(house) of last resort; the USAO in Central Islip... Let's Go Ducks!


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