Friday, December 16, 2005

25 Orbits Complete

Shuli turns 25 today.

I feel like I'm the older one, though. It's strange. I love to look after her, take care of her, and spoil her. But, she's got me by over two years.

I'm still not sure if she reads anything I write here. So, I'll have to leave to your imagination the gift coming her way.

Tonight we are heading into Manhattan for dinner and drinks with some of her friends and co-workers - many, of which, I haven't met. I feel like I am an actor stepping on stage in my debut role. Though I'm not worried, I hope to remember my lines, make a good impression, and zip my fly.

Dinner with her parents and family is next week. I'll be the palest person (and, the only white person,) in the room. Wasn't there an Ashton Kutcher movie about that? Anyway, Shuli tells me that her parents are "laid back" Persian types. From my few encounters with them, I'd agree. But, that still didn't change the discomfort I sensed in her the time I suggested I crash overnight in her guest room.

The six month milestone comes December 30th. Things are still as great as Day 1. She already mentioned, out of excitement, that she pulled us a pair of Yankees-Sox tickets to mark the occasion. At least I know where the bar has been set...


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