Monday, December 19, 2005

Coffee Talk

This morning, I sat down and had coffee with Mom. With Dad at work and Brother still at school, it was just the two of us.

It was one of those moments where people connect beyond what a transcript of words would show. She ran down her laundry list of questions about the girl and life. But, the focus hardly stayed there for long. It was clear there were things that she wanted to say..."while she still has the chance"...

It wasn't scripted and it didn't take the form that I drew up below, but I thought that I'd spread her gospel forward. They are the principles by which she leads her life and/or have always encouraged me to incorporate into my own. They're not uniquely insightful. But, to me, they present a picture of who she is and my guidelines in moving forward.

1. Laugh.

2. Follow your heart.

3. No regrets.

4. Never stop learning.

5. Be kind to those who can't help you.

6. Be generous to those who can't repay you.

7. All you should expect from yourself is all you have to give.

8. Spoil your woman.


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