Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dull Discourse

Just got back from Philly and the drive was every bit as numbing as I remember. I've had about all the radio talk that I can handle dealing with the transit strike and the poor Congressmen laboring to finish legislation before the holidays...

Here's what Sen. Harry Reid (D, Nevada) had to say this afternoon about the finance bill that squeaked by today on Cheney's tie-breaking vote:

The GOP is advancing "an ideologically driven, extreme, radical budget. It caters to lobbyists and an elite group of ultraconservative ideologues here in Washington, all at the expense of middle class Americans."

That very well may be. In fact, it probably is. Trying to sneak in a provision for Arctic drilling was a cute little ploy by Sen. Ted Stevens (R, Alaska). But, can we at least get some new rhetoric up in here? Reid and the Democrats have that criticism ready to roll off the tongue on any issue at a moment's notice. Perhaps the party could, I don't know, propose an alternative package? Or, at least go with Mayor Bloomberg's gangsta approach in calling out transit workers as "thugs" and "frauds." Even Judge Jones, in ruling against intelligent design, labeled the action as "breathtakingly inane." Christmas has come early for the folks at the 'Daily Show.' This stuff is gold for Stewart's satire.

It just doesn't pack a punch any more. This type of dialogue benefits no one and curries no new supporters. John Conservative in Kansas isn't likely to be woken from his flag waving trance. Jane Liberal in New York already blindly supports the party in her own flag burning one. At this point, it doesn't even make a good soundbyte.


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