Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

I'm not entirely sure that the script that unfolded last night, written by life and circumstance, actually happened. The only "formal" aspect of the entire evening could be found under the guise of attire and bubbly. Otherwise, it was a victory for everything informal.

I loved every minute of it.

People came out in full force. It was a miraculous sight. Ordinary citizens shed Clark Kent rags to reveal Superman riches. It's crazy to think that I've known these people for little more than three months, because I'll never forget some of these nights.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Mere words couldn't even do justice to the events that transpired. So, instead, here's a sampling from the round of 'morning after' e-mails that went around today. Given Mom's ordeal, it was nice to be reminded that it is still okay to laugh...

"Beverages flowed until the end of the night. We had substantial numbers of 2 and 3Ls (but the 1Ls really ran the show) and just a couple people ended up getting drunk. (I mean didn't end up getting drunk.)" - 2L Cardinal (11:57 am)

"hope everybody is feeling better.....issue preclusion is tough business for me right now and i don't even feel hung over (just really slow for some reason--maybe there was brain damage)." - 1L Bulldog (1:45 pm)

"Hey kids, Did any of you happen to pick up my room keys while you were here last night? The key chain has two keys (room key and bike key) and a small silver light thingy. Boy am I hung over..." - 1L Husky (12:13 pm)

"if any of you happen to remember why 1L Blue Devil microwaved Pad Thai only to throw it at oncoming traffic, that would also be helpful." - 1L Quaker (12:17 pm)

"The guy was going way too fast, he needed to be slowed down a bit." - 1L Blue Devil (1:39 pm)

"And did making his car dirty slow him down?" - 1L Lion (1:42 pm)

"the pad thai was not necessary to slow the guy down. But as evidenced by 1L Fenn showing 1L Bulldog and I that she had a nice ass, I don't think much of anything that happened last night was necessary :)" - 1L Yellow Jacket (2:03 pm)


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