Sunday, January 08, 2006

Round One

Mom goes in for her first cycle of chemo tomorrow.

Aside from periodic rambling here, I think that I've been able to avoid preaching to those around me about my new found perspective. But, it's really tough right now to swallow the nuances of product liability. It's tough right now to do anything but think of her - which is, of course, the last thing she'd want to happen as a result of this. I'm not really even motivated to watch the Giants playoff game right now. It's such a grounding and human ordeal.

Standing center among all the obvious reasons to look forward to summer, I'm already anxious for May to roll around just so I can be there for her on an extended basis. I don't really know what help I can lend beyond emotional support. But, I feel like just being there would make things a little easier. Though, she's hardly lacking for inner resolve and outer support.

It's strange to sense someone's mortality. I really don't mean to sound defeatist. At all. There are success stories of people going into "remission" and living for up to eight years with a condition like this. But, given the over/under that this affliction carries, every hour and day seems all the more precious.

She fully appreciates this and is far from letting this turn of events slow anything down. Instead, she's popped the clutch into overdrive. Last I heard, she had planned three separate trips to 1) Nerja, Spain, 2) Half Moon Bay, Calif., and, for the twenty fifth wedding anniversary in September, 3) Santorini, Greece.

Forward march.


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