Friday, February 03, 2006

Choose Your Own Caption!

Law school asks you to make changes to your life. Some are big. Others, I'm just realizing now.

I don't think that I have been more than five feet away from this computer since August. Honestly. This collection of keys and chips has been my own personal ball and chain. At least it weighs only four pounds.

So, to keep things fresh, I change the background setting fairly regularly.

This picture is currently the wallpaper.

Over the last few days, it has generated an interesting smattering of quips. My three favorite are listed below.

3. "I think you could have a found a better way to overcompensate than donning ethnic headware."

2. "So, it's settled. Opposites attract."

1. "Was that girl upset that you snuck into her picture?"

Clever, I think. Can you do any better?


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you want to have kids with a chance of skin pigment, you CANNOT let this one go : )


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