Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dear British Readers,

Thank you for showing result driven Americans that winning is not everything.

Medals are so last year.

Please welcome back your Olympic hero, Shelley Rudman. As you no doubt know, Shelley took home the Silver in Women's Skeleton; one of the most anticipated events every four years. Proving that it's not about quantity, you Brits funneled your vast sporting dollars into training for these games solely to win this particular medal - and did. I can't wait until the commemmorative DVD comes out, myself. "The Torino Games: Silver in Skeleton."

But, don't get down on yourselves, either. The Medal tracker just reflects a different set of priorities. While Estonia (3 golds), Poland (2 medals), and winter crazed Australia (2 medals) outpaced the Queen's devoted few, winning one medal at the Olympics can be quite prestigious. Consider the nations that did not even medal during this gathering in the Alps: Ethiopia, Mexico, and Iran (sorry Shuli).

I guess if it's not football, don't call.

All my best,



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