Monday, February 13, 2006

Long Island Knows Traffic, Chinese Food, & Skating

"TURIN, Italy -- When Emily Hughes got the telephone call from Italy Saturday night informing her that she was an Olympian, she and her family - including sister Sarah, the 2002 figure skating gold medalist - were just finishing dinner at Great Neck Japanese restaurant Daruma. Emily had the sushi, a dish she said was called the "Sarah Gold Roll."

Named, she said, "for someone we know..."

...She watched Friday night's Opening Ceremonies from Turin on television. "I don't think I missed out on anything," she said of getting her Olympic invitation on Day 2 of the Games. "But the Olympics had already started, and I just thought maybe I'd have another chance [in 2010]. But now my chance is here."

Like someone we know."

Isn't that precious? As much as I do think that really is the coolest story going down in Turin, I fear it will lose some charm and appeal as Bob Costas indoctrinates me with Hughes family footage and the like.

*Cue amateur video of Mom recording two daughters dancing in living room.*

I have little doubt that Costas will forge tenuous connections between the sisters, their childhood, their arguments, their boyfriends, their favorite tree to climb and Olympic greatness. All this, of course, cemented by the love and adulation of two dedicated parents.

*Cue camera shot to family. Including sister, Sarah, a nervously excited spectator in the stands now.*

With Bode choking, Apollo slipping, and Michelle wimping, please welcome the new face that NBC and her advertising affiliates pray will save their ratings.


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