Friday, February 17, 2006

Now Arriving

She's coming today - for a whole week this time. It's a good thing too. After seeing Little Brother this week, all those feelings about how hard it is to be away from home right now jump started again. I'm trying to be strong. But, it's hard to always bottle things up over here. Law school is a world full of warped priorities and false pretenses. It is too easy for seemingly normal people to get wrapped up in the race after some amorphous prize. I'm having the opposite problem, I guess.

People have been great in trying to reach out. But, it's just not in my nature to outwardly complain or lament. Every person has his or her cross to bear. At least with her, it doesn't feel like I'm imposing. She's a part of me. So, at least for the next week, I'll be closer to being whole again.


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