Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Love The One You're With

A monogamous relationship is a personal choice. But, without the trust and faith that the one you're with is like no other, I don't see how it can last.

I'm not afraid of commitment.

That's why I only research on Westlaw.

In fact, I use the LexisNexis search engine so infrequently that I had to request my UserID and password even to log on today to check my "Ultimate Rewards" point balance.

I have 290 Lexis points. I don't even think I need to qualify that for people not in law school. That's impressively tiny. Though, I'm not sure why I even have that trifling amount. I haven't used the product since I was forcibly registered in September.

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Your Points: 290

My point balance is so unprestigious, in fact, that I haven't earned half the points needed for the "Ultimate Reward" of a $10 gift certificate to 'Barnes and Noble.' It costs 650.

Not to tout myself, but I've worked hard to maintain such a low total. With "free point" training sessions, online quizzes, and randomly gifted amounts, it takes more than just blind faith that Westlaw is the one for me. It takes an intentional effort to avoid anything remotely Lexis affiliated. I just can't take the risk of being awarded points I'll never use. It wouldn't sit right with me. What I have already just feels so right.

Now, for some people, the temptation to rise to the ranks of "the elite" is overwhelming.


You've earned 0 points this semester. Just 2000 to go
and you will be a
LexisNexis Elite Member!

But, not for me. Labels and monikers don't fool the pure of heart.


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