Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Training

Inspired by T Sinister and the spirit of the thousands of online fantasy baseball leagues forming this month, if we class together, please accept this as your invitation into the Fantasy Property Participation league.

Your roster will be comprised of three students registered in Property 209. Points are accumulated pursuant to the scoring system below. Scoring will be kept each lecture by yours truly, the League Commissioner. After each lecture, the standings will be e-mailed out. You must notify the commissioner of any trades and roster moves (adding an undrafted player to take the spot of an undesired one) before class in order for the scoring to reflect changes in staff. All decisions are final and subject to review only upon petition by 2/3 of Team Owners.

Yes, it's also true I spent about twenty minutes in the shower thinking about this.

The point system?
If someone on your roster... cold called (+1) cold called AND the name is pronounced wrong (+2)
...voluntarily responds to a question (+1)
...voluntarily responds to a question posed by a student (+2)
...asks a question (+1)
...asks a question and uses the phrase "the reading" (+2)
...asks a question and weaves in a personal anecdote (+3)
...comments in a class discussion (+1)
...comments in a discussion taking the contrary point (+2)
...uses the word "hypothetically" in a comment (+3)

To join? Simply e-mail the name of your squad and the ten players from lecture in your preferred draft order. The order of selection will follow the order in which I receive responses. Drafting yourself is permitted, Vronsky. Teams will be e-mailed out at 8:30 on Friday morning or when I have received eight affirmative replies, whichever comes sooner.

Good luck!


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