Saturday, April 01, 2006

My New York Times

I realize that I haven't posted about Mom in a while.

I admit that's been partly intentional. But, the truth is that it was too easy to lapse into a more comforting reality far away in the Stanford bubble.

Sunshine and distilled phone calls colored the true gloss of things. Even being home, it's easy to forget sometimes. She sounds the same. She looks the same. She shops the same.

But, things aren't the same. They silently get worse with every passing day as her own cells rebelliously grow and uncontrollably advance.

Conversations between us still weigh heavy with last lessons, advice, and existential "think-of-me-whens." What's a son to do but smile, hug, and try to appreciate these offerings?

I had a great week home for many reasons. Many of which go without saying if you know me. Though, it will be the suit shopping with Mom (and Dad, too) that I'll remember most. When she started crying during the fashion show, I could see as clear as day that it was for next round of fittings for exciting occasions that she will probably never see...


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't worry, it snowed in NYC today. SNOWED. For over an hour.


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