Thursday, April 20, 2006

Par For The Discourse

Prof. Property: Around the 1970s, Courts and Legislatures started realizing that maybe sex discrimination wasn't such a good thing. A number of States have since passed statutes setting fairer standards for apportioning marital assets after a divorce.

Solidarity: But, in calculating the equitable distribution of a property settlement, why should we only consider the wife's opportunity costs of forgone income and her contributions toward expense during the marriage? Couldn't we also look at the opportunity benefit and say that the marriage made her better off than some baseline?

Feminine Mystique: It's a good thing that you're taken, S. Because you've got no prospects in here anymore.

Skater: The communal property theory is a BS argument, anyway. Of course the guy could have gotten his degree and performed these market activities without her help. What? But for the marriage, he wouldn't have these skills?

Prof. Property (noting the host of stunned women itching to respond): Yeah...Let's go ahead and continue this discussion next time.


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