Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life, The Universe, and Everything

Deep Thoughts By Prof. Property

"One last thing. As strange as this sounds, this is a time in your lives that you all should cherish. You have more opportunities ahead than you can possibly imagine. There are jobs waiting for you that haven't even been created yet. There are jobs that you are going to create. Some of you are going to be working with your classmates in amazing ways that do not seem obvious now. And there is very little you can do to screw that up. Most of what can are those sort of things that society considers out of bounds anyway. So, please don't worry. There is nothing that should dim your enthusiasm."

You stay classy, Professor Property. For his words to mean anything, students need to actively accept their charge. Now. To reflect on this advice in ten years would be defeating their present intent to uplift. The forward looking pressure that people put on themselves (one, of many, paths toward success), is a surefire way to miss out on the present. It's a forest-for-trees kind of problem. So, relax, Eager Beaver. Whether he "spreads" the distribution of grades or "clumps" them around the mean will probably not affect your life's trajectory.


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