Friday, May 05, 2006

Perception Is Reality. Fantasy League Is Too.

HIGHLIGHTS UPDATE: Some of the league's most exciting moments have transpired over the last few classes. Broken Arm's invocation of "God," Solidarity's drop of "rational voter theory," and Berkeley's deadpan "white people" comment were all recipients of bonus points. Additional praise is appropriate for Stewie. Upon edging out Argyle Blue Devil for a razor thin one point lead last update, Stewie has been assaulting Prof. Property with questions and comments alike as of late. By weaving "obfuscatory" into his ordinarily incisive commentary, it became clear that, with a championship in his sights, Stewie means business. League officials were unsure on whether to penalize or reward the gall shown by Eager Beaver - a woman that saw fit to actually ask whether the Professor was a "clumping" or "spreading" kind of guy. In the end, the Commissioner's shocked and his bewildered half agreed to reasonably differ and let the zero sum play out.

With that in mind, as we move in to our last day of property today, the league has become a two horse race between Stewie and Argyle Blue Devil. With only four points separating the two, ESPN has requested to televise live the 75 minute showdown. League officials have agreed. Can Runner, Hugh, and 80s Hair make up the ground? Will the Thrill, the league's presumptive MVP, and Stewie, the only player-manager in the league, just refuse to lose? Only time and a lecture on takings will tell...

BONUS POINT WORDS/PHRASES: Outrageous, Starbucks, Administerability, Milkshake, Choo Choo Train, Limiting Principle.

ROSTER MOVES: Leaf picked up Broken Arm on 4/20 and dropped Rainbow like a bag of rocks - a gutsy call given Broken Arm's recent strong showing.

1. Stewie, 56 pt (The Thrill 40, Stewie 13, Grace 3)
2. Argyle Blue Devil, 52 pts (80s Hair 9, Runner 32, Hugh 11)
3. Rainbow, 36 pts (Solidarity 33, Kramer 1, L 2)
4. Solidarity, 31 pt (Eager Beaver 15, Back Row Sniper 15, N 1)
5. Kappa, 29 pts (Men's Rights 20, Jimbo 2, Texas Charm 7)
6. SLS1L, 28 pts (Joker 11, Smoker 8, Midnight Toker 7; [O 2])
7. Leaf, 25 pts (Argyle Devil 8, SLS1L 11, Broken Arm 5 [Rainbow 1])
8. Gerald 23 pts (Idealist 4, XXXL 8, Metallica 10 [Broken Arm 1])


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