Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Truth, Justice, and Happy Hour

The Department of Justice is still finalizing my security clearance paperwork. After it arrives from Washington, I should be good to go soon after Memorial Day weekend.

But, the friendly paralegals of 86 Chambers Street are anxious to get things going just a little bit sooner...


Re: Thursday Happy Hour

Hi! If you don't know why you're getting this email, it's (hopefully) because you will be starting very soon as a summer intern at the U.S. Attorney's Office, SDNY. The paralegals at the office would like to welcome you to our Thursday Happy Hours (and by welcome we mean first round is on you), which generally occur all summer, rain or shine, at a bar within walking distance of the office. If you're not in town yet or would rather hang out with cooler people this week, we will understand.

I'm getting spoiled with government hours before I even start. I love Uncle Sam.


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