Friday, June 30, 2006

One Year

Do couples that aren't married celebrate anniversaries? Or is it just their "one year?" Do people that watch Seinfeld wonder about these things more than those that don't?

In any event, today marks that first year with Shulamit. Getting to know the person that I love this well has been amazing.

She loves spicy salmon rolls, but only if the sauce is mayo based and mixed with, not drizzled on, the fish. Unless it's scary - which is different from gory - she doesn't like going to the movies. She melts when she sees a poodle mix puppy, hears a four year old pronounce "r" like "w," or tastes an omelette that's fluffy and cheesy. She watches Friends reruns, the Price is Right, and the Game Show network religiously. She's not very religious, but keeps kosher perfectly. Except for that plate rule (or when she doesn't realize that a chef let a piece of chicken sneak into her salad). If she's drinking coffee, it's iced. If she's driving, she's talking on her cell phone. If she's wearing a sweater, it's from Banana Republic or J. Crew. She always is in the middle of a good book and planning her next vacation. She's polite and respectful, but will not let herself be worked over by a boss or snobby parent. If it were snowing and her car wouldn't start, she would probably walk the five miles to work. She'll probably ask me to take this post down if I go on any longer...

Anyway, I think that things between us are still as great as they are the day we started. More than anything or any one else, I look forward to the future because of her.

I also look forward to getting away this weekend with the Persian. We're going up to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire - the corner of the world where we met.


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