Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Day Theatrics

Act I

Scene i, United States Attorney's Office, SDNY, 6th floor.

4:40 p.m., [SLS2L, armed with a stack of papers and folders, stands near the elevator bank. He pushes the down button and waits. The government issue fluorescent lights hum in the background.]

Signal flashes and timidly beeps. Elevator rumbles to a stop. Voices behind the door anxiously carry on back and forth.

The doors open.

Assistant United States Attorney 1 [to the United States Attorney and Assistant United States Attorneys 2, 3, and 4]: ...on what charge?


SLS2L [nods first in acknowledgment of superiors, pushes the 2 button]: Hi.

The doors close. Silence continues until SLS2L arrives at floor two.

The doors open.

SLS2L [turning back around to the prosecutors]: This conversation may resume...

The doors begin to close.


Scene ii, United States Attorney's Office, Lobby.

5:45 p.m., [SLS2L, departing for the day, crosses paths with AUSA 2 and 3 near the security checkpoint.]

AUSA 2 [acknowledges SLS2L]: You just scored two points with the big guy.

SLS2L [surprised]: ....really? When do the final standings come out? The interns are placing bets in the library.

AUSA 3: They should post on Monday.


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