Monday, September 25, 2006

Busiest Week Ever?

One week from now, I will have:

(1) attended and prepared for nine classes,
(2) sit for eleven screening interviews,
(3) eaten at five firm sponsored events,
(4) and been to California and back.

More on that fourth one later...
Random Edit (2:34 p.m.) - On account of said interviews, I'm currently wearing a Brooks suit in Public Welfare Law. Seems slightly inappropriate.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Save By Richter

Despite complete emersion in Federal Rule of Evidence 404 this afternoon, it took all of three seconds for me to revert to my eleven year old self.

I saw Mike Richter at the Au Bon Pain today one block away from the law school. He's a coach and an undergrad here apparently.

That was pretty sweet.

I told him that his stop on Bure's penalty shot in the 1994 Cup Finals changed my life.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Law School Spam

I received the following e-mail today at 3:12 p.m.

I could not make this stuff up.


This message is addressed to whomever poured coffee in my locker this morning. I apologize to everyone else for unnecessarily clogging up your inboxes, I just didn’t know where else to send this.

First, I wanted to let you know that, while many of my books were damaged, they are still usable. If your intent was to render them as unusable, you will need to try again.

Second, I fear that this might have been some sort of message. For example, you might have meant to say, “Stop talking in class!” or “Get a haircut!” If this was the case, let me respond by saying this: (1) those types of messages are generally more effective if you talk to me in person, (2) I don’t intend to change my behavior in class, and (3) I like my hair as it is.

Third, if you’d like to harass me further, you now have my e-mail address. If you would like my home address or phone number, please see me.

Fourth, I prefer decaf.


Clueless 1L

Friday, September 15, 2006

Almost There, But Not Quite

I met Justice Breyer yesterday. He was clearly as brilliant as one would expect someone sitting on that Court to be. Incredibly honest too. I guess it's easy to be forthright when you make clear that everything said in that room is "off the record." What I found most striking about the talk was that Yale didn't even really advertise or hype it.

So, either this event was spur the moment or is the kind of thing that's relatively ordinary around these parts. I have no idea. I'm still trying to adapt to these new surroundings.

But, I am starting to feel more settled. It helps to know my way around and have a schedule again. Knowing where to go for good sushi and just how late I can sleep in and get to class in time are very important things in my world.

It's true that New Haven is not really a destination point. But, the town has just enough going on to make it feel like a city. That's also very important to me. Plus, I can be in New York in less than two hours - which is why I'm back here in the first place. In fact, I'm writing this post from home and have tickets to the Yankees game on Saturday night. Neither could be the case this time last year. And that means a lot to Mom.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Gone

I was in my freshman Chem seminar at Penn. My elderly Professor arrived to class late that day and said that, although he would hold lecture, we would be free to leave given the situation in New York. When asked to elaborate, he responded that a plane had hit the Twin Towers.

So, I had an image of a twelve seat prop plane's wing grazing the antenna of WTC 1.

It wasn't until the towers had been reduced to ash and rubble that I learned of the event's enormity. It wasn't until I got back to my dorm after class that I first saw the images that are still so tough to stomach today. Huddling for hours in a TV lounge with a hall full of people that I had known for two weeks, I can still remember my innate and visceral response that morning as clear as day. Anger.

Where were you that day?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

...Good Times Never Seem So Good...

Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 14:32:04 -0700
From: Jane Doe
To: Jonathan
Subject: Re: Update


Just in case you don't already know, several 2Ls sang sweet Caroline in your honor at the BBC two nights ago and all of us 3Ls happily cheered for you--so you are certainly supported:)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to Yale

Yale is an interesting place.

The first thing one might notice is the devastating frequency with which people wear the word "Yale" itself on clothing. It's a great place and, so far, the school pride seems entirely warranted. But, there's healthy support and there's also cultlike Kool Aid devotion. I had no idea that a market existed for Y embroidered iPod protectors or school insignia laden fishing boots.

It's not as if Yale students really need to denote themselves around town. New Haven is a small city of the patricians and the poor.

But, if I may stay on the superficial note for just a moment more, I should also note that the the average student here makes Bill Gates look like he was cut from the cloth of a GQ cover model.

I will say that the people seem nice. Really nice. That very important fact helps with at least some of the Stanford hunger pangs. With classes yet to start (they do tomorrow), it's yet to be seen if that's the true character. But, since there's no recognizable grading system and students can cobble together a list of stuff they want to read for academic credit, I have no reason to think things will turn.

Being so close to the island though has already paid off. Having the girl spend the long weekend up here was great - and not having to say goodbye to her at an airport was even better.