Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to Yale

Yale is an interesting place.

The first thing one might notice is the devastating frequency with which people wear the word "Yale" itself on clothing. It's a great place and, so far, the school pride seems entirely warranted. But, there's healthy support and there's also cultlike Kool Aid devotion. I had no idea that a market existed for Y embroidered iPod protectors or school insignia laden fishing boots.

It's not as if Yale students really need to denote themselves around town. New Haven is a small city of the patricians and the poor.

But, if I may stay on the superficial note for just a moment more, I should also note that the the average student here makes Bill Gates look like he was cut from the cloth of a GQ cover model.

I will say that the people seem nice. Really nice. That very important fact helps with at least some of the Stanford hunger pangs. With classes yet to start (they do tomorrow), it's yet to be seen if that's the true character. But, since there's no recognizable grading system and students can cobble together a list of stuff they want to read for academic credit, I have no reason to think things will turn.

Being so close to the island though has already paid off. Having the girl spend the long weekend up here was great - and not having to say goodbye to her at an airport was even better.


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