Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To Close To Call. Hell No!

With 0% of the vote in, NBC is prepared to call the PA Senate election for Bob Casey (D).

Bob Casey (D)- 223 (50%)
Rick Santorum (R)- 219 (50%)

Unbelievable. I can't believe what I'm watching. And, according to Howard Fineman, what's surprising is the "large margin." I'm glad networks have so quickly digested the crow from the 2000 Florida debacle.
Breaking News (9:20 PM)

Michael Steele (R) - 4977 (55%)
Ben Cardin (D) - 3915 (43%)


"NBC is prepared to call the Maryland Senate Seat up for grabs tonight for Ben Cardin with...well...am I reading the numbers right? It doesn't match up right now but when the votes are counted we're expecting Ben Cardin to be next Senator." - Chris Matthews

Okay. I get it. Your ratings are better if you keep calling races. But can you PLEASE maintain some semblance of journalistic integrity? I only took one class in stats during college. But, I encountered no predictive sampling technique that could justify this estimate with any meaningful degree of confidence.


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