Thursday, February 01, 2007

Five First Impressions

1) It's weird that Fed Tax is my only class - incuding from the Fall - to fully employ the Socratic Method here.

2) Advanced Con Law is damn fascinating having already illustrated that lower case consonants, commas, and PARCHMENT SMUDGES embody first principles of the Republic.

3) When breaches of formal treaties are "enforced" through norms of assurance (even ones awarded Latin phrase), I'm skeptical of any International Law course located outside the Political Science department.

4) First Amendment has been just a little theoretical so far. We've made it through one case in one week. It's a pedagogical tie so far between lecture and that scene from 'The Big Lebowski' where Walter babbles about prior restraint.

5) Taking classes with 1Ls again is...interesting. Their degree of enthusiasm is just nauseating.


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