Thursday, March 08, 2007

Will Litigate For Food

And now, please enjoy the latest installment in our "Actual Law School E-mails" series.

To: Class of 2007, Class of 2008, Class of 2009
From: Assistant Dean
Re: Have some manners

I hate to send this sort of email because it pains me to think that a bunch of adults who are studying to become officers of the court need to be told to have some basic respect for others and to mind their manners. I know that most of you know how to behave; but, I have been informed that, yet again, there are some among you who believe you have an inalienable right to any food at the law school. Last time I looked, that right was not enshrined in the Constitution (and I have both a Federalist printing and an ACS printing).

Last night, the Law, Science & Technology program co-sponsored an event with White & Case. I am told that a student walked up to the food table outside 290 with a box and took about 10 desserts and waters. That is the most outrageous instance so far, but there are many others where students actually lie to the people trying to save the food by saying they are attending the event when they are not. Other times, students just ignore the person asking them not to take the food.

As you know, we have a great tradition of giving away any leftovers here. Please respect the event sponsors by not taking food not meant for you. To continue stealing food forces your fellow students and staff to stand as security. It also makes Stanford students look bad to the attorneys who come to these events. If you can't be polite because it is the right thing to do, be polite because it is in your best interest to make yourself and other Stanford students look as good as possible.

Thanks to you who already act like grown-ups and here's hoping the rest of you can start now.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger some guy said...

Although the dean has a point about the dork filling up his box with free food, would you get in trouble for smacking this dean in the head, for his intro, including the jokes about the different versions of the Constitution?


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