Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You Down With OPP?

I mean, Old People Policy?

Taking sugar packets from the diner when nobody is looking? Fine.

Taking out 30 second advertisements incapable of conveying a coherent message amid the unrealistic pleading for membership (dues)? Not as much.

It bothers me that AARP is now using young, fresh faces to push their social security and health care agenda. It bothers me that AARP, already the nation's largest lobby, now uses Madison Avenue agencies to seem hip and cool to an even younger generation. There's just a disconnect there for me. Interests here are not completely aligned. All welfare transfers are not equally (if at all) wise. We've got a Boca Raton lobby writing biographical epilogues as well as legislation for a Google Gen-Y coming of age.

What really bothers me, I guess, is that our sizable slice of the digital electorate allows itself to be so disproportionately outvoted by the analog one.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that you would post this today. I just got my first AARP membership letter in the mail yesterday. I'm 28.

This is a new address, and I still haven't completely convinced my bank it is legit. Yet AARP was able to find me - granted, my alumni association was the first to find me. =(


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