Thursday, May 03, 2007

Apple of Discord

The letter came this week.

The one people told me would come, but that I never expected.

To read it was both amazing and terrifying, discomforting and relieving. I've been invited to stay in these surroundings, shift from "visitor" to "transferor," and graduate here with their imprimatur.

So, what's the problem? Only that Stanford is a better fit for me and that I was really looking forward to a return. Since this turn of things, I've been struggling to figure out what makes sense here. Having spent hours in thought, I've really only gathered the following...

Why Stanford?
1. You'll spend nine beautiful months in Palo Alto with your Persian (before a few years grinding it out in the law firm trenches).
2. You get to work on death penalty and three strikes appeals for the Criminal Defense Clinic.
3. You actually feel like a part of the community and can look forward to some great times with its people.

Why Yale?
1. You get to continue spending time with Mom (and avoid the regret for not jumping at the chance to do so).


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Mel Woods said...

I never know what to say here other than I relate to you. These decisions are always so tough for me and bring on a lot of guilt. I imagine you have all summer to decide and hopefully you will gain some more perspective with time.

Best of luck.


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