Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dinner Bells

Last night at dinner, Waitress warned me that I had ordered a lot of food. This isn't the first (second, or third) time either I've been so admonished. I get that I spend far more on dinners than any other component of my budget, save tuition and rent. But, I don't get the point of waitstaff making remark of it. If I earned my living skimming tips from bills, I'd be pushing the blue plate special and constantly refilling wine glasses. Maybe I'm hungry. Maybe I'm out celebrating. Maybe this is just my style.

I'm not your tender child. I sincerely promise to bulldoze through whatever you bring out here, even if I risk looking ravenous by your more modest standards. This Saturday, it's off to Nobu with Girlfriend, where the people know the look of real indulgence when they see it. She's taking me out to celebrate finishing up the semester this week.

Next time I'm at last night's restaurant, however, and assisted again by that server, I'll be ordering the Sushi-for-Two. For one.


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