Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ballot Warriors

In 1314, the Scots won their freedom at the Battle of Bannockburn.

In 1707, the Scots split the sovereignty atom and crowned up with England.

In 2007, the NYT, reports:

"At the heart of the contest is a battle between the Scottish Labor Party and the Scottish Nationalist Party, once seen as a fringe party but now tipped by many political analysts and pollsters to become the biggest single party in the 129-seat Scottish Assembly. The Scottish Nationalists have promised a referendum among Scotland’s five million people on seeking independence — a move that critics say would inspire economic chaos and constitutional crisis."

...and whose supporters paint their faces blue and proudly cry "freedom" at the drop of a hat...

5/3 EDIT: Did you say constitutional crisis? Is there a Constitutional law scholar in the house?

"Two things, I think, are worth noting:

1. The geostrategic factors that existed in the 1700s, which argued strongly for British unification against the threats from the continent of Europe (especially France) have faded from view given the success of NATO and the EU at preventing intra-European shooting wars (apart from the Balkans) and trade wars

2.The decision to dissolve needs to be made by Britain as a whole, and not just a unilateral part. This was Lincoln's view, I think, and it is also myview, see ACAB first chapter last page or two.

I am delighted you are seeing connections to current events.

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