Saturday, June 23, 2007

Week 3 Wrap Up

Celebrity sightings: Mike Myers (West 4th & Charles, eating at Mary's Fish Camp)

Lunches out on the firm:
1) Sleepy Hollow Country Club (Hastings-on Hudson, N.Y.)
2) Toastie's East (3rd Ave, btw 55th and 56th)
3) Sidecar at P.J. Clarke's (55th St, btw 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave)
4) Lenny's (2nd Ave, btw 54th and 55th).
5) P.J. Clarke's (55th St, btw 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave.

Village Restaurant of the Week: Surya, 302 Bleecker St.

Village Bar of the Week: Employees Only, 510 Hudson St.

Work related revelations:
1) I'd rather be busy all day and work until 8 than have a slow, mindless day and sneak out before 6.
2) "How do you feel about coming in this weekend?" is the verbal analog to being kidney punched.
3) Spending money is very effective therapy to cope with the lingering after effects of putting in too much time at the office.

Days left from work before 6:30: 1 (and this wasn't even on Saturday's stretch in the office...)

Depressing statistic of the week: Mom hasn't been able to leave the house all week.

"That costs how much?" moment: No charge for sunglasses repair.

Random observation: The more you take the subway, the cleaner the system seems.

Aside: I've been invited to hang out separately by law school friends, college friends, and high school friends in Central Park today. How is it that all that can occur on the same day I'm pulled into work on the weekend?


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