Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 6 Wrap Up

Celebrity sightings: None.

Lunches/Dinners on the firm:
1) Angelo's (55th & 2nd)
2) Luau in Long Island City.
3) Dinner at Partner's Apartment (89th & 5th)
4) Pampano (49th & 3rd)
5) Taksim (55th & 2nd)

Village Restaurant of the Week (to avoid): Sumile, 13th & 7th. Long dinners can be enjoyable. But, not when a) it's on account of half the kitchen staff not showing up and b) the floor staff informs diners of this only after ordering and waiting for two hours.

Bar of the Week: Cibar, 17th & Irving. Fun martini lounge.

Work related revelations:
1) A lot of partners work here. A lot of recent law grads too. Not so much in between...
2) My supervising attorney here is one and the same as the Adjunct teaching a class that I'm enrolled in for the Fall.

Statistic of the summer: Over the course of the last six weeks, I've prepared one (1) dinner from scratch.

"That costs how much?" moment: $7 for one bite sized piece of chu-toro, at Sushi Yasuda.

Quote of the week:
"So are you a summer associate too?"
"No, I just made Partner actually."

Aside: How can ostensibly animal-loving people think it alright to keep and own husky sized dogs in this area code?


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