Friday, August 10, 2007


I can actually say that Wednesday, the day of Mom's service and burial, was beautiful.

Despite a lifelong aversion to being the center of attention, it was so nice for so many to turn out for Mom. Literally standing room only, it was truly moving and extraordinarily helpful for me to see as a part of my own coping process. Speaking of her, in front of those people, wasn't easy though.

It was extremely easy.

There was so much material she produced in that amazing, purpose driven life that when I sat down after rambling for ten (?) minutes, I had a handful of stories in reserve that I wished I had retold.

Hearing others share their own stories and memories of her made that day one that I will remember warmly and for good reasons.

But, the hurt is still raw. Flashbacks of laughs shared and love doted give way easily to tears. In her house and growing up under her wings, there was never a time where either seemed to be lacking.


At 2:09 PM, Blogger Mel Woods said...

So sorry about your mother. I'm glad the service went well. It sounds like you had an amazing relationship. Wishing you a peaceful vacation with your father.


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