Saturday, September 22, 2007

Will Look Hot For Food

Ironic that a question about the failure of American education is addressed to one of its victims, no?

At least she qualified her potentially controversial statement "I personally believe that our education in the U.S. should help the U.S." with "personally." It's good to play to a wide audience. Still though, I wonder how in God's name South Africa or "the Iraq" find their way into this response about American students.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deciding Not To Decide

I'm not interviewing at any new firms this semester. I'm not interviewing for clerkships either. I had a surprisingly good experience working at my firm over this past summer. And yet, I haven't accepted their offer to return as a full time associate after graduation. Can anyone explain this behavior?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Road Trip

Some days, you wake up and just feel like driving hundreds of miles and spending hundreds of dollars to witness a Yankee-Red Sox game with a little one.

Friday, September 07, 2007

1 Gringo and 1 Blackberry. To Go.

I nearly blind sided (soon to be former) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales this morning while scrolling through messages on my cell. For this, I was thrust aside by the Department of Homeland Security and nearly run over by an FBI cruiser.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Holiday Road

It's been a while since we've last engaged in this medium wherein I ramble and you click-and-peek. Let us resume this song and dance now.

The last few weeks have been, in a word, busy. But, busy in the best of all possible senses. Within the last fourteen days, I have been both to Argentina/Uruguay and moved in to a real life apartment (albeit in New Haven) with Shuli.

As great as wandering the reaches of the world was with her, it's ultimately been the never-boring-down-time of living together that's got me so positive these days. Positive about everything from being back at school to the prospect of living life without the woman that gave me life. On a more mundane level, the girl also puts all the furniture from IKEA together. What more do I possibly need? I mean, just look at those incisors.

Life at Yale and in general is beginning to feel more normal. As outgoing a person as I think I am, it's still nice to be in a place now with familiar faces. The last year of my life, between visiting Long Island and visiting a new law school, was completely surreal and unsettling. And yet, I have no regrets. I miss Mama and I miss Stanford, but life does go on. The sun will rise and set tomorrow.