Friday, November 16, 2007

Magic In The Night

Well, that was easily the best concert that I've ever been treated to in these badlands. The night busted open and the two lanes took Girlfriend and me to Albany last night. While the crowd definitely had a hungry heart for anything written pre-1990, the tunes off of the new LP were magic. Most of the night, every last person was dancing in the dark. But, for one special song, the lights came up giving her the chance to snap a pic of twenty thousand tramps born to run.

I will never miss a Boss concert (within a three hour drive) again as long as I live. It was a flat out great show. It's just hard to describe in words the level of energy brought wire to wire by a guy pushing sixty. He is the Boss. It is that simple.


Springsteen was one of the rare acts that crossed the generation and taste gap between Mom and me. She was definitely there in spirit and spark.


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