Monday, December 03, 2007

The Good Life

So, I went to a party this weekend that could not have cost less than $125,000 to throw.

It would probably be more accurate to call the night an event or a gala. But what made the soiree so unbelievably decadent is that it wasn't thrown by a campaign or charitable foundation. It wasn't a night marking the union of a couple in holy matrimony. As a "+1" guest of Girlfriend, I tagged along with her to the Bat Mitzvah of the century.

In no particular order (except for maybe the last being the most amazing cost added), I present to you the Top 10 Signs of a Baller Party.

10. A duo of trumpeters, flanking the castle entrance, blares each guest's arrival,
9. Flower petals tossed at the feet of each man, woman, and child stepping into the great hall,
8. Champagne flutes on silver trays immediately ready for the taking,
7. Top shelf open bar manned by half a dozen 'tenders,
6. A ten station tour-of-the-world cocktail hour (including sushi, filet mignon carvery, lamb kebobs, strip steaks, grilled fishes),
5. Freshly handrolled cigars,
4. A play room complete with blow torched glass menagerie, virtual reality roller coaster rides, poker tables, black jack tables, and a karaoke music video machine,
3. Silk napkins (refolded upon stepping away the table), five foot vases of fresh flowers everywhere, ribbons around each dining chair, and a birthday cake that must have required blueprints,
2. The rare sighting of Chilean seabass as a dinner option,

and the number 1 sign of a baller party...

... Cancun style "shot girls" wandering around handing out booze!

Now, go forth and prosper.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger some guy said...

damn. you live the high life!


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