Monday, November 07, 2005

3000 Miles and 3 Hours

I'm not sure I can accurately convey how busy things are around here. I think war metaphors are incredibly overused but, in this case, quite apt. It is a battle. It is a battle every day and every week to keep up with the material and the writing assignments. I love the work and the people, but I feel like the parts of my life not law school related have been, through no intention of my own, neglected. There is always something going on that needs to be worked on. I am never ahead. I'm not really ever behind either. There's just enough time in the day to attend class, prepare for class, and eat (takeout). If it's not dozens of pages of reading, it's legal research. If I don't have a meeting during lunch, I probably have one after classes. They have even started the summer job hunt. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving to catch a breather.

That really shouldn't be mistaken for stress level, though. All things considered, I think I'm pretty chilled out about this whole experience. I'd much rather be doing this than a 9-5 grind with a rush hour commute. If type A's can be said to fall onto a bell-curve continuum, you'll find me with a White Russian in hand underneath the lefthand tail.

But, I have done such a poor job keeping in touch with friends and family. I think I have found the time to send out one extended e-mail. There's so much that I want to tell people about. That's part of the reason that I'm forcing myself to write on here now. There's so much that I want to hear about the latest in the lives of people out of reach. The bubble of 3000 miles and 3 hours of time zones doesn't burst on its own, but I'm going to try and take it down.


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