Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bipolar Weekend

I'm all about keeping things in perspective. Not really prone to stressing out, I guess. I work hard and let fate and chance take care of the rest. But, this up and down weekend is just toying with my sanity.

Friday afternoon: Library and 11 page memo writing. Far from thrilling.
Friday night: Threw a party at my place. Lots of beer. Lots of liquor. I had a great time and woke up with a mild White Russian induced hangover. This was the second time that I've had people over at my place and the second time the video of Millionaire was viewed. I hope people don't think I host these things to relive a bygone fifteen minutes.
Saturday morning: (no entry)
Saturday afternoon: Library and 11 page memo writing. Mind numbing. Painful.
Saturday night: Heading out soon for dinner (and movie?) with 3JP from the section. Good people.
Sunday morning: Library and 11 page memo writing. #*(@&
Sunday afternoon: Going to NY Giants - SF 49ers game. Thanks, Brooke! The wonderful shoe-shopping queen from my contracts class offered me her extra ticket to see Eli Manning throw down.
Sunday night: Library and 11 page memo writing. Whatever.

Okay, seeing as I am still hopelessly mired in my above listed Saturday afternoon timeslot, I now sadly return to a fundamentally disabled attempt at legal analysis.


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