Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Politics As Usual

I am sick of partisan politics. Do you know what separates the Republican and Democratic platform? Five income tax percentage points and whether there is a health exception to an abortion in the third trimester. There is no real dialogue in this country any more. There are no compromises. There are real problems out there that need intelligent solutions.

France is crumbling at the hands of disgruntled immigrants. Israel is building the Berlin Wall Part Deux. China and India, already bigger, are quickly becoming smarter and stronger. Politicians think the number of ambulances and color coded warning systems are protecting us from terrorism.

But, still nothing changes.

When Republicans are in power, they pass temporary tax cuts and appoint right-of-center judges to the bench. When Democrats are in power, they increase aid to foreign countries and appoint left-of-center judges to the bench. In peace time, elections are won on economic issues. In times of conflict, elections are won by the geopolitical ones. The meaningful political divide in this country is actually so slight that Kerry had to manufacture a different position from Bush in order to appear like the candidate for change.

"Ah, yes, I voted to authorize the use of force. But, uh, if I had accurate intelligence, I probably would have voted against it. Maybe."

"Yes, I'd raise taxes. But, only after I lowered them."

The American people agree upon the great majority of issues. Why is this so hard to fathom? Pat Robertson, Louis Farrakhan, Hillary, and Frist can identify a hundred things they all agree upon. But, it's the squabble for the scraps on the table for which millions of dollars are spent.

Bush and his party are no better. The way the GOP portrays its critics as left wing radicals bothers me just as much.

"My opponent would force you to marry a gay person."

"John Kerry wants to take away your right to a doctor, tax the air you breathe, and provide illegal immigrants with terrorist training programs."

The American people deserve better. No, that's my own campaign platform in the making. I'd say that people are smart enough to hear real political arguments on the issues. But, maybe I'm wrong. Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Larry King, and the rest of the big media cronies are treated like actual political analysts instead of rating seeking whores. Enough is enough.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger datkid said...

Great post.....if only change were easy.


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