Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Long Distance Now, No Distance Later

I'm back in Philly for the night. It's a town filled with both our nation's history and my own. But, all I'm thinking about is the future.

She asked her parents last night whether they would support her in moving out next August to live with me in Palo Alto.

They do.

It also turns out that they encourage it. They figure, rightly so, that it would be hard to get even closer without this experience. So, why not?

I thought dinner out with her folks went well. I didn't know it went off that well. She's got a nice family and I felt comfortable throughout the night. I never really sensed that I was being sized up or whatever scrutiny goes on during these exchanges. Though, I think I did catch a little Farsi flying back and forth when table conversation split in half.

Anyway, I'm really excited to live with her. It hasn't set in that we're going ahead with this. When she comes out to visit on her week off in February, I guess instead of Napa and Carmel we'll be apartment searching and job hunting. I know it's a big step. But, it really doesn't feel like one. It seems natural and right.


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