Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Prince Is Having A Ball?

Tonight is the law school's semi-formal. Or, translated into common parlance, tonight is an extra special opportunity for repressed worker bees to drink.

I have a sneaking suspicion, given the way people are predisposed to excess around here, that what passed for "semi-formal" in college ain't gonna cut it now.

So, I'll be taking a suit off the hanger tonight.

This evening, it'll be threads cut from the Trump Collection. I know, okay? I find the guy incredibly obnoxious too. But, the clothing is quality stuff. I haven't actually worn it to an event yet, so I'm curious to see whether it'll serve as a homing beacon for Slovenian supermodels in the vicinity. Persian pre-school teachers from West Egg would be equally acceptable.

By last count, about twenty e-mails have gone out this week regarding ticket sales, transportation, parking, and pre-parties. Either this party is going to be the most banging event all semester or we've got a serious case of the lady protesting too much.

Given how I could use a distraction these days, let's hope it's more the former.


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