Monday, December 05, 2005

Summer Loving

While struggling to sort through the logic in an obtuse discussion of product liability this afternoon, Microsoft Outlook politely signaled the arrival of an incoming message. Clicking the task bar revealed the following header:

SUBJECT: Summer 2006 Law Student Program - Offer

It's probably some spam from Career Services telling me about an exciting new diversity program in Tulsa...



This is to advise you that we are making an offer to you of an internship in our Summer 2006 Law Student Program with the Criminal Division. An official letter will be sent to you shortly. Attached is information on available stipends and on issues that have caused problems with security waivers in the past.

Thank you.

Jane Doe
Human Resources Assistant
U.S. Attorney's Office
Southern District of New York

Really? That's it? I'll need at least forty-five seconds to think about it.

I'll be taking the offer and moving on with my life.

It's the right work.

It's the right office.

It's the right city.

It's right near Mom, Shuli, McSorley's, and Yankee Stadium.

So, with that in mind, I'm left wondering just what the actual importance of grades are. Though my innate Catholic guilt and Jewish drive will force my hand into the library, I am at a loss for what exactly the payoff is. I'm told it matters if you want to clerk for the Supremes. Okay? Is that it?

I feel almost deprived that I will be missing out on the 1L spamming extravaganza. There is some inspired mail-merging going on these days.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I tell you that I don't know a single person who got a job through that mail merging blitz? I sent out 103 letters and got 0 offers (I ultimately found my internship in Chile through Career Services.) In any case, that's a lot of papercuts!

At 2:11 PM, Blogger NYC Guy said...

Things worked out just fine for you! I guess I can always learn to mail-merge next year...

The wistful reflections of a 2L are always appreciated : )


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