Monday, January 23, 2006

Back Back to Cali Cali

I could never live out here. New York has been in my blood for way too long.

But, it is so nice. I admit it. I can easily see how reasonable minded people find it hard to leave once they've spent some time in the Bay Area. Though this confession goes beyond weather, today was just one of those days that could never happen along the Northeast Corridor in January.

It made the reality of the oncoming semester all the more easy to swallow. Although, I don't think I would be complaining if the weather didn't cooperate. Professor Crim Pro, one and the same as Prof. Crim, launched right into the legality of the warrantless searches authorized by Bush. A more pretentious scholar might have pieced together a long winded and inconclusive answer to the question. Instead, Prof. Crim Pro boldly took the position that he "hasn't the foggiest whether it's legal." That might be frustrating for some of my highstrung colleagues, but I think it refreshing.

Prof. Con Law's course is going to be fairly intense. He had names and faces memorized before we even rolled in to the room. The first cold calling victim was found less than 90 seconds into the semester. I escaped, though. For about ten minutes.

I thought it was kind of funny as he, first, spelled my last name aloud in order to learn the pronunciation. I know I got that one right. The rest is hazy. But, he looks to be a master of Socratic dialogue. It was an entertaining lecture on whether the Constitution is constitutional.


Here's to semester of days like today.


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