Friday, January 27, 2006

Goliath Resurrected

File this under "r" for ridiculous.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Nikolay Valuev. I'm not really a fan of boxing. Even a little bit. But, I find this guy fascinating. Standing at 7'0 and weighing in at 323 pounds, he is tallest and heaviest champion there has ever been. I don't care if he does read Tolstoy or write poetry, as the above article suggests. This man's sole purpose on the planet is to be a freakish Goliath that will bring fame and fortune to the first David to stain his perfect 43-0 record.

In a brilliant stroke of poetic wit, the Russians have donned him "Russian Giant."

Annoying (and lingering vestige of the 1990s) promoter Don King wants to label him "King Kong" when he defends his WBA title in the States next month - which, by my account, will be the first time in my life I make it a point to watch a title bout. Probably the only time, too.

Though, come on, who could possibly send a freakishly huge Russian down for the count?

Pretty far-fetched, I know. You'd need somebody with a heart on fire guided by the eye of tiger.


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