Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Manifest Destiny

My parents and brother were out here these past few days for an extended weekend. Our first time together for holiday travel in years, it was a great excuse for me to treat the time as my own mini-vacation.

I played tour guide - since the weather played nice - and took them on day trips to the Napa Valley, Monterrey Peninsula, and Half Moon Bay. It was also Little Brother's first time out West. So, we made the obligatory trip on the Golden Gate, walk on the Wharf, and argument over the feasibility of swimming to shore from The Rock.

It was great to see Mom in high spirits. She is a woman who has always loved to travel. On account of the same 'need to get them in' refrain, Mom and Dad have already sketched out monthly trips from here until January. It's bittersweet for me to see. This is something they have always wanted to do after finishing their careers. But, not under these circumstances and not so soon.

These kinds of activities give her strength and resolve. An emotional woman even before being dealt these ragged cards, I can sense that the veil is very thin. My heart hurts for her. Her faith, friends, and family have been her rock through this. But, with her Irish grit and work ethic, I have no doubt she's coping and managing better than I ever could.

In all, having her and them out here was a reminder for me of the perfectly obvious.

California is beautiful. California is lush. California is civil.

California is not home.


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